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POLi Online Casinos For Australian Players

POLi (short for Pay OnLine) is an electronic payment service provider allowing online casino players of Australia and New Zealand to make deposits from their bank accounts to online casino accounts. A lot of online casinos operating through the world and particularly in Australia cooperate with POLi using this fast and secure system, as well as a lot of banks make POLi options available. In addition to casino players it is helpful for people who do shopping on websites and do not want to use their credit cards. The system does not require any type of registration allowing users to pay directly from their bank accounts online using available funds and refusing such systems as PayPal. Without mentioning the credit cards details one gets the benefits of secure online banking. There are even more benefits! The POLi does not charge a player a fee for using the system. The merchants may charge a fee for use of the POLi Service, so it is a subject for clarification. Besides, POLi is extremely popular on gambling sites due to its simplicity.

In order to initiate a payment to any merchant including online casino through POLi it is necessary to enter a session using the POLi System ensuring that this use is not illegal. It should be mentioned in addition that the provider, POLi Payments Pty Ltd, does not accept responsibility for any damage to a computer system of a user happening in connection with use of the POLi Software. In this matter one should take precautions to protect a computer from virus attacks.

Pros and cons of POLi for the online casino gamblers

If one play online roulette or is involved in other gambling at his mobile or online casino, he is recommenced to use POLi. With it there is no waiting for initiated money transfer to be approved as far as it is carried out in real time. The whole operation takes just a couple of seconds. All that is needed to be done is to look for the POLi logo on a list of payment options on website. The players define some strengths and weaknesses of this useful for gamblers payment option, which we are going to highlight.

Advantages to using POLi:

  • Security and Privacy. When the bank transfer deposits are made with use of most other payment systems, the bank account details of a player appear at the servers of all the online casinos where he plays. And that is not convenient, isn’t it? That is why it does make sense to use POLi, because the details will be reserved only at its server. POLi guarantees to keep the bank account information of its users from exposing to the Internet.
  • Transactions only with earned money. The player is restricted to use credit funds. Thus, he is protected from overspending and further paying an unexpectedly large bill.
  • The deposits are made in no time so one can start wagering without any delay.
  • Free of charge. POLi does not levy any fees on online casino gamblers. The online casino may charge the players for using this system or may not charge. So it is recommended to choose those ones, which make this option free.

Disadvantage to using POLi:

  • One way road. All the transactions within this payment system are not reversible. It means that there is no method to return the money sent to the bank account.
  • Bank restrictions. Not every bank makes POLi Service available for a client. It must subscribe to the service.
  • Only deposit not withdrawal. The player has no a withdrawal option when he uses POLi. But here there is a decision! One can withdraw using Moneybookers (Skrill).

How does POLi work?

If a casino offers POLi as a payment system, a player can use it just choosing this option by a click, then from an offered list he should select a bank where he wants to transfer his funds. The next step is filling out the information the system requires regarding the payment mentioning the amount one would like to transfer. The casinos can stipulate the limits for the amount to be deposited. So, one should be sure to know the rules. Here bank is expected to confirm the specified information and sends the payment to the online casino using POLi System. As far as the transactions are carried out in real time, the money will be available before one can say “win”. So there are only several simple steps to deposit with help of POLi and every player having a bank account in Australia or New Zealand is able to take them. It couldn’t be simpler! The use of the system can be restricted only to two issues: whether the online casino accepts POLi payments and whether the bank subscribes to this system.

When we say that POLi is popular with Aussies, it does not mean only the benefits it provides. POLi Payments Pty Ltd was founded in 2006 in Melbourne. And now the system is a link between Australian banks and various Internet merchants including online casinos. Without any registration or commitment Australian players can use it at their advantage.

Privacy and complaints

If a gambler chooses POLi, he agrees that his personal information becomes available to the system. If he refuses to provide it when requested, the service cannot be delivered. The POLi recognizes that any confidential data is very important and it guarantees to keep it secret. Moreover the developers provide the feedback and a gambler has an opportunity to contact the support team with any questions. If there are any mistakes are made or any unauthorized transaction occurs, a player is recommended to turn to the financial institution addressing the issue to bank not to the system. As to other complaints and comments, a player can raise them at