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NetEnt Casinos For Aussie Gamblers

It is believed that casino software comes usually from English-speaking countries but NetEnt is among those who dispel this myth. It is a Swedish company that has come to successfully compete with such gambling software gurus as American Microgaming and another European mate Playtech.

NetEnt bases its work on the net principle. That is, all NetEnt casinos and games are united in one global chain with common win-loss statistics for all players.

Nowadays NetEnt provides software for several hundred Australian online casinos. Experts define NetEnt product as cutting-edge, reliable and flexible.

The company’s software has no analogies in the world. All games are highly sophisticated and based on the best web-designing solutions.

NetEnt pokies

NetEnt makes a special focus on pokies. The company has designed several hundred pokies, and each of them is a unique masterpiece that has almost nothing in common with other NetEnt products, nor with other designers’ games.

Most NetEnt pokies provide welcome videos that will help you to get acquainted with the game and feel its atmosphere. Many pokies are based on famous Hollywood blockbusters or popular computer games. Australian players can also find pokies that are based on famous historic events and legends.

NetEnt pokies are incredibly different in terms of their design, player returns and playing algorithms. Their common features are perfect graphics, quality sound and amazing game play.

History of NetEnt

Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 in Sweden. It took the owners six long years to make a team of talented web-designers and artists who could create truly high-quality games.

In 2002 the company introduced its first product – CasinoModule. This module helped NetEnt to start enhancing all over the world and to become a loyal partner of many famous casinos.

The company still has Stockholm as its official headquarters but all its assets and offices are located in Malta where NetEnt also got its registration and the license of Malta gambling commission. All NetEnt employees are experienced professionals that help to create the most innovative and reliable software. The company is actively hiring specialists from many foreign countries.

NetEnt casino games

Today NetEnt casinos are among the most popular in Australia. Several hundred operators use the company’s software which is the guarantee of reliability and customer’s loyalty.

NetEnt games are extremely different in terms of their design, theme and playing experience. However, all the company’s casinos are very user-friendly and have wonderful plying and controlling options.

The registration process in NetEnt casinos is simple and quick. It is worth mentioning that no NetEnt game has ever been have accused of slow returns or fraudulent affairs.

NetEnt progressive jackpots

Many NetEnt casinos provide progressive jackpots. Every year dozens of millions of dollars are available in mega jackpots all over the world.

Progressive jackpots are favored mostly by experienced players who rely on the most winning strategies. Every two weeks NetEnt publishes official reports about the current status of progressive jackpots based on videoslots monitoring.

The company’s jackpots are common pools available for all players. NetEnt jackpot wins are considered one of the biggest in the world.

NetEnt Mobile

NetEnt is the world’s leading mobile gaming designers. The company has a patented platform called Net Entertainment Touch. The main feature of NetEnt mobile games is that most of them are not available on laptops, just like full-scale laptop games have no mobile analogues.

The designer is actively developing its mobile games and enhancing their range. NetEnt mobile casinos are fast and efficient and have good graphics. They are compatible with both Android and iPhone operational systems and are based on the latest web-designing innovations.

NetEnt games have wonderful color scheme and are very easy in playing. They also have automatic scaling system that makes them look equally good on iPhones, iPads, Android gadgets and tablets. NetEnt introduces new mobile casinos every year, with special attention being paid to safety issues.

NetEnt Bonuses

Like all other casino software designers, NetEnt provides various playing bonuses in all types of its games.

The first bonus you can obtain is a welcome bonus. They are given to all new players who have gone through the registration process. Usually such bonuses depend on how much money you credit to your playing account as the initial deposit.

Then there are various NetEnt non-deposit bonuses. These can be from simple free spins to whole bonus games. Before starting the game, always learn about possible NetEnt bonuses and study the statistics.