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Cookie Policy | | Rocket Australia

All the websites you visit collect cookies, small text files stored on the PC or equipment. Some cookies are important for the Website to work properly; others make your website experience fuller and help the site provide a better service. Cookies can be different namely temporary, permanent, flash, first-party, third-party, zombie, to name but a few. They allow every website to know what you did when visiting the site, your preferences, your login, password, your locations, etc.

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What Cookies the Casino Collects

Rocket Casino site collects cookies as well. Every time someone visits the Website, the system automatically gathers information relating to the visit, including

  • your browser,
  • IP address,
  • geographic location,
  • preferred language,
  • device type,
  • the referring website.

Not only the website collects information, but also the casino platform developers and partners. The casino may be given general demographic or usage information of the site visitors. They guarantee that they do not utilize automatically gathered data in order to identify a player personally without asking for consent. 

The cookies the casino uses

The Website uses cookies and identical tracking tools to accumulate the questionable information.


Their Purpose


To facilitate the navigation and basic functionality of the website.


to analyse how the customer uses the website and what he/she chooses there (including session key, language, or region). This allows the website to save these settings and offer the customer a more personalised experience.


to evaluate the effectiveness of the casino content marketing.

Advertising cookies are delivered by the company partners. They track the site visits and new registrations from advertising. Advertisers use this information to serve you custom ads across the web and in your social media feeds. The casino doesn’t share players’ personal information (for instance, name, phone number or email) to affiliate except for site visit data gathered directly by Advertising Cookies. However, players’ data related to the site visit may be connected with other private information gathered via other sources by the suppliers. The external data processing is governed by the privacy policies of such third-party providers.

Extra Cookies to Improve the Casino Services

More than that, the casino has at its disposal a few third-party vendors that set cookies on this site, in order to supply the services that they are providing to the casino. Such services include, but are not limited to,

  • assisting the casino to enhance gambling experience by tracking the player’s activity on the Website,
  • measuring how effective the Website and the site’s marketing campaigns are. 

The majority of online browsers accept cookies automatically. If you want, you may block some or all cookies, and to delete cookies that have already been set by your browser. To do it on the browser (for example, Chrome)

  • tap three dots on the top of your browser;
  • click on ‘Advanced’;
  • clear browsing data;
  • choose ‘All cookies and site data’;
  • choose what cookies to clear from your PC;
  • tap ‘Clear data’ to finish the process.

However, you’d better not do this because this may limit your use of the Website. They are helpful as save login credentials and other information. Online transactions become more convenient because you don’t need to fill in your information every time you visit the site.