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Responsible Gaming

Rocket Casino is committed to Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is the basis of Casino Rocket policies. They believe that responsible gaming gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy games and to have fun. This is a great opportunity for visitors over the age of 18 to diversify their leisure time.

Few players can make themselves stop when play stops being fun and for such gamblers the casino offers some preventive and supportive measures that help them to control their gambling activity and to get the help they need if necessary.

Casino Roсket encourages players to play with the money they can afford and never exceed their budget. Responsible Gaming section lays out the Rocket philosophy on responsibility.

Limits on wagering

In order to remain within the budget that a player has decided to spend during the play session, you’d better set up betting limits on your account. This will guarantee that the player won’t be able to bet more than he/she can afford.

There are a number of options to place betting limits on player’s account. All of them are controlled by means of tailored controls.

To set limits to your account

  • open the account section of the casino lobby,
  • choose the Personal Limits tab,
  • set limits you want.

You can set different limits, their duration, check how they work. If you need any extra help with betting limits, or have any issues about setting limits, feel free to get in touch with the casino support team.

What betting limits you can place




limits the amount of a deposit in any time frame


monitors the losses on your account at a pre-agreed level


limits the time of your play session


limits the amount of your bet over any given time frame.

Other Ways to Avoid Gambling Addiction Problems

Besides setting betting limits on your account, there are some ways to control yourself.

1.     Take a break from gambling.

One of the main problems is that gamblers aren’t able to stop. A cooling off period will help you take back control over your game. You can ask the casino customer support for introducing a cooling off period. The support team will advise you on how to request time off from playing. After implementing a cooling off period, you won’t be able to

  • make a deposit onto your account,
  • play any games,
  • receive any promotional offers from the casino during a pre-agreed cooling off time.

Your cooling off period can last from a week to even half a year if you need it.

2.     Disable your account temporally

If there is a feeling you need a tough disincentive to play, or stronger control over gambling, you can deactivate your account for some time with the help of the casino self-exclusion option. Once you have done this, you will be unable to log in, make deposits, cash out, or play games. 

You can disable your account for a period from a week to half a year, or even permanently. When your self-exclusion period comes to an end, you will have to contact customer support to switch off this option.

Age Verification

Casino Rocket works under the Curaçao licence. The casino meets all requirements the licence implies. One of the main requirements is that only players who are over 18 can play casino games. That’s why the casino wants every player to verify his/her account. The casino controls gaming activity for underage gaming and if there is any suspicion that an account is being used by an under-aged, the account will be shut down. 

If you are a Casino Rocket account holder and have children who may use your computer or mobile device, you’d better install software to discourage underage gaming. You may use CyberPatrol, GamBlock, Net Nanny

Control Your Time Spent Playing

It is sometimes difficult to control the time you are spending on gambling. The casino has developed instant alert and notification tools, which help you track your gambling activity. You can find this tool in the account section. This function will allow you to manage your gaming activity more responsibly.

Support and contacts

The casino is committed to helping compulsive players. You are recommended to use above-mentioned tools. You may also use some additional resources such as:

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • GameCare