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Paysafecard Online Casinos That Accept Aussie Players

PaySafeCard has been a popular payment method to use in Australia ever since. It provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to deposit funds at most online casinos. It is much in demand with Aussies as far as it is really convenient to load accounts using this prepaid banking solution. The cards are issued with the several nominal values: $ 10, $ 25, $ 50 or $75. If there is a need in a larger amount, one can use up to ten cards of any available denomination at one time. Nowadays thousands of websites accept PaySafeCard. In order to deposit one should just enter the 16-digit pin code developed to make the operations with cards safe and secure. And the specified sum of money will be on the account of the online casino in no time. The player is not expected to deliver any personal information over the Internet. This method allows keeping privacy completely.

The company was established in 2000 in Austria. The four founders created the “cash for the internet” system identifying it by name “PaySafeCard”. It was intended just to arrange payments in online shops countrywide. Step by step PaySafeCard conquered Europe, USA and other states all over the world including Australia in 2013. Now they offer both physical cards and also the so-called e-vouchers being just printed receipts. The company has launched its free application full of helpful services and features. One can even control all the transactions and cope with the purchased PaySafeCard PINs through a personal account. Since 2013 this system has become a part of the well-known Skrill Group.

Pros and cons of Paysafecard for the online casino gamblers

First of all, we should mention the highest level of security of this system and as the result the deposits within it are also safe due to a 16-digit PIN. The gambler should enter the received number every time he is carrying out the transaction. It is impossible to hack this code! In addition, as it was said already, a player can keep his personal data in secret. It is not required to mention any information of this kind on any online casino website if one uses PaySafeCards. There are other pros making this payment method to be attractive for Aussies playing at online casinos.

Advantages to using PaySafeCard:

  • Manifold possibilities. One can choose between cards and vouchers to load his account. Both of these available forms are accepted by the most casinos offering a special portal to access vouchers online.
  • It is extremely simple to use and there is no any registration process taking a gambler’s time.
  • There is a maximum deposit limit that allows placing a limitation on the budget keeping it within an established bankroll.
  • High speed of depositing. The funds are added to the account instantly after a deposit operation is over.
  • Once again complete anonymity. Neither an operator distributing the cards nor the casino where one plays require the personal information of a player.

Disadvantage to using Paysafecard:

  • The maximum deposit limit is regarded as a drawback at another point. It makes a thousand of any currency available with this payment method. A player cannot deposit more than $ 1 000.
  • Withdrawals are not available. But there are so many other systems offering withdrawal option including Skrill. Unfortunately here you are to refuse anonymity.

How does Paysafecard work?

The PaySafeCards together with a 16-digit PIN are sold at most local retail stores throughout Australia. One can find out the address of Paysafecard sales outlets at PaySafeCard even developed the special applications for smart phones including a new iPhone application and an application for android. Using this application the gamblers can determine the location of the nearest retailer without any efforts. One can find different prices equal to the amount he is going to deposit on online casino account to play the game he wants. So, buying a card for $ 100, a player gets $ 100 available to his account. The process is very simple. All that a player needs is to make sure that the online casino, which he uses, accepts Paysafecard. There are no fees and no problems with conversion rates if the account can be set up in Australian dollars.

Usually a player is expected to act in accordance with the following plan:

  • Select PaySafeCards method at the online casino.
  • Choose the needed denomination at a new page offering all values available.
  • Enter a 16-digit PIN received with the card. In order to use several cards at one time, it is necessary to click “+” after entering the PIN and to continue.
  • Click “pay” after reading and confirming the terms.

There are some useful options on the PaySafeCard website for example casino players are invited to subscribe for receiving an online newsletter with new information and promotions. The offers are developed to expand a market for the product.


This payment method is highly recommended to Aussies gambling online as far as it is very safe. Rare website refuses to get the personal information of its customers. And PaySafeCard provides its clients with such a convenient opportunity. For this reason there is no risk to face any internet fraud. The Paysafe Group ensures that security of its customers is of the utmost importance. They warn that nobody is authorized to collect any fees or fines connected with PaySafeCard! The only payment for the service is a price of a card at authorized web shops or local sales outlets.